Thirty Day No Sleep Challenge – Halfway

Well, it’s actually past halfway. But things are getting a little hazy on this side and I’m slowly losing my mind, so…

drunk animated GIF

Drunk panda.

I am 17 000 words into my novella. I think that’s the minimum. Woohoo! But I want to get to 30 000. Less woohoo. Like, I can deal with maybe 29 000, but… I have a goal. 30 000.

And now I have 12 days. 10 is probably kinder to my editor (read: mother), so I’m going to do my best to get it done early. I came up with the system of sending her segments to sub in advance. So far the editing is going well, except for one section, where I was clearly drunk and fond of endlessly repeating myself.

The Franschhoek Literary Festival slowed me down considerably and placed me behind schedule. I expected this, but it’s still aggravating. And there is still. that. media. studies. essay.

So, I have to write roughly 1300 words per day and not fail Journalism. No problem.

bird animated GIF

It’s been a positive experience so far. Challenging, but I think the end product will be worth it. Novellas are an emerging (re-emerging?) medium and if I can catch the updraft while everyone else is looking the other way at their short stories, this could be an awesome opportunity.

Whoever is reading this; don’t write a novella. Pretty please. For the sake of my sanity.


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