Come on, novella publishing people! I thought we had this all worked out. I have stalked you so faithfully for months; I know the patterns of slush reading. Wednesdays and Thursdays, guys, WEDNESDAYS AND THURSDAYS. (To be precise, between the 4pm and midnight, local time. Don’t judge me.)

Those are the moving days.

Today, you were due to read MY novella.

After four months of waiting.

103 days.


So I guess next week? Okay, next week. That’s fine. No, I’m not upset.

It’s not that I expect to be accepted. I mean that in complete honesty. I have been rejected 22 times in the last six months, so I’m not about to get all presumptuous here. Nor do I have anything in a particular to do with the novella if it gets rejected, because it’s at that awkward completely unpublishable length that no one but Novella Publisher X wants. Hey, Rest of the World! Would you like 34 161 words? Nope? Nope.

I suppose I’m just excited to know that someone out in the world will finally be reading it. Isn’t that silly?

And after they’ve cast it aside with a dramatic rejection flourish, I get it back. I am certain this is waaaaaay one of my strongest concept pieces; there’s definitely room to flesh it out into something more novel-like. I have not read my idea before elsewhere and sure, it’s really quite icky, but I can be all dark and hardcore and literary and shit.

life animated GIF

I can!

Besides, a book-shaped thing will probably stand a better shot of finding a home at an agency or publisher than his bastard child of an epic and a short story. So I’m okay with them saying ‘nah’. It just indicates I need to up my game. The second act of this piece was weaker than the first. Blame it on sleep deprivation, deadlines and a depleting word count. I can fix that. I know how to improve.

In other news, I have two articles upcoming. I have an in-depth review of Rob Boffard’s Tracer (wooo, local sci-fi!), which should be here in a day or two. I finished the book today and I have good feelings and opinions and things.

I also have a much-delayed and anticipated Authorview of Cat Hellisen. The delays are all my fault; I got horrendously stuck on the illustration. I decided that this picture needed all of the impossible-to-paint-elements, because reasons. Like hands x 4. And foam. Have you ever tried to paint sea foam? HAVE YOU? Want to know how to paint sea foam?

One. Bubble. At. A. Time.

boy animated GIF


Never again.

But on the bright side, the painting is actually looking fantastic. If I do say so myself. It’s definitely the best Authorview illustration and among the top of my digital works. And Cat’s so cool, I really want to do her work justice. So that might take a couple more days, especially since I realised I forgot to give the character ears. Whoops.


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