And then there were 23…

After various administrative trials and tribulations, I gave my first class on Wednesday. 24 out of 25 unsuspecting students filed into a very small room on the fifth floor of the Leslie Building, and gave me expectant looks.

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The Novella Saga: Rebooted and booted.

On 12 January, I finished my novella and submitted it. Cut that one dangerously fine. Despite the longer window for this call, I still only turned it in about three hours before the cut-off. I don’t know, that seems to be my modus operandi. I really struggled with this story. But best believe I made 1000% sure it was sent in the correct format. Never. Again.

smile sigh latino relief latinawomen

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Feek: The Last Wish

This evening I have decided to stretch my atrophied muscles of literary criticism. For funsies.

Also, for mild pissed-offsies.

I’m most of the way through The Last Wish, by Andrzej Saprowski (he of the unexpected missing vowels), having taken it out of the library this morning. I knew that these books served as the basis for the Witcher games, so I thought they must be pretty good, otherwise why invest money in spinoffs? The Last Wish also won the David Gemmell Legend Award, which sounds fancy.

But of course, I would probably not be writing a Feek post unless something had greatly offended my delicate feminine sensibilities. In short, the book is sexist and I haz angries.


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