Authorview: Cat Hellisen

My illustration for When the Sea is Rising Red. Bask in the bubbles.

My illustration for When the Sea is Rising Red.  Bask in the bubbles.

If there is one person who is underappreciated in the local literary scene, it’s Cat Hellisen. When the topic of African speculative fiction crops up, you’ll hear about Lauren Beukes (duh), Nnedi Okorafor (who is technically American), Sarah Lotz (plus her retinue of nom de plumes)… and that’s kind of all.

Hellisen is a strange case. Within SA, she’s no household name. But internationally, she is killing it.

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Authorview: Rob Boffard

My illustration for Tracer

My illustration for Tracer

He’s not going to respond.

That’s what I thought when I first tried to contact Rob Boffard via his website.

There is no way one of the rising stars of sci-fi, with an international publishing contract and a serious job at The Guardian, will respond to some random chick from back in South Africa, going “hey, so I’d like to interview you for my blog. Pretty please.”

But sure enough, two hours later, I have an email in my inbox from Boffard. And now I am left to figure out how to use Skype. Several panic-stricken test calls later, I think I have the basics down.

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Authorview: Cristy Zinn

My illustration for The Dreamer's Tears

My illustration for The Dreamer’s Tears

In comparison to many other local writers on the internet, Cristy Zinn is everywhere. Pick a platform and she’s got the profile. This is great for me, because it makes tracking her down for an interview relatively easy.

Why though? Why is she so social media savvy?

“I’m a chronic procrastinator?” She suggests.

I suspect we are going to get along.

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Authorview: Duncan Reyneke

Illustration for Nails in the Sky. I made it.

Illustration for Nails in the Sky. I made it.

Duncan Reyneke rejects the idea of a Skype interview, being somewhat camera shy. As he currently resides in South Korea, a face-to-face interview is also out of the question. I don’t have the kind of airtime that allows cross-continental interviews, so here we are, conversing over Facebook chat.

Reyneke’s book, Nails In the Sky, was released earlier this year, courtesy of new SA publishers Fox&Raven . And, for the Rhodents in the audience, it’s covering home turf.

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