Feek: The Last Wish

This evening I have decided to stretch my atrophied muscles of literary criticism. For funsies.

Also, for mild pissed-offsies.

I’m most of the way through The Last Wish, by Andrzej Saprowski (he of the unexpected missing vowels), having taken it out of the library this morning. I knew that these books served as the basis for the Witcher games, so I thought they must be pretty good, otherwise why invest money in spinoffs? The Last Wish also won the David Gemmell Legend Award, which sounds fancy.

But of course, I would probably not be writing a Feek post unless something had greatly offended my delicate feminine sensibilities. In short, the book is sexist and I haz angries.


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The idiot’s guide to Puppygate

Finally, after weeks of hearing about this Puppy business, I decided it was probably time to inform myself. To the internet!

And, as with Gamergate, Puppygate has left me baffled. I think online politicking is clearly destined to go waaaaaay over my head.

Okay, let me try to put down what I think this furore is about.

There are these two literary organizations. For some bizarre reason, they are called Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies. Though they have no clear affiliation to dogs of any kind.

Real puppies

Real puppies

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Video Games need bewbs

I feel a little apprehensive writing this.

I’m generally anti-confrontational. Barring the occasional volcanic outburst, I keep my life free of drama. It’s less stressful.

Expressing heartfelt and vehement support of Anita Sarkeesian on the internet seems to be asking for trouble. Yet that’s exactly what I’m about to do.

She’s my new hero.

Also, this is going to count as Journ Reading 3.

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Distressed Damsel Seeks Rescue

In preparation for the rapidly approaching (and somewhat terrifying) deadline of my English research paper, I have taken out pretty much the entire shelf of books on Margaret Atwood from the library.

I’m looking at gender representation in fantasy fiction, which is pretty much synonymous with controversy. Lots of fun. And, unless you are new to this blog, it should be evident that I have a certain level of interest in feminism.

But for today, I won’t be looking at Atwood or the criticism thereof. Save that fun for later. No, today’s treat is To Write Like A Woman, by Joanna Russ. The book is a collection of “Essays in Feminism and Science Fiction”.

So. Much. Fun.

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