Feek: Kushiel’s Dart

Oh, you didn’t think I was going to tackle the canon, did you?

I’ve been meaning to read Jacqueline Carey for a few years now. She features on many ‘best of’ female-authored fantasy lists, and, given that my knowledge of major genre texts is actually quite weak, she seemed an obvious choice. I don’t know, I have to redeem myself for never having finished LOTR.

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Feek: The Emperor’s Blades

Normally I write Feek posts in a state of rage. Today is a departure from that. If anything I felt optimistic reading Brian Staveley’s The Emperor’s Blades, because, although I consider its gender depictions problematic, at least I could see that the author was trying.

Sadly (?), this does not lower my desire to be snarky in the slightest.

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Feek: The Last Wish

This evening I have decided to stretch my atrophied muscles of literary criticism. For funsies.

Also, for mild pissed-offsies.

I’m most of the way through The Last Wish, by Andrzej Saprowski (he of the unexpected missing vowels), having taken it out of the library this morning. I knew that these books served as the basis for the Witcher games, so I thought they must be pretty good, otherwise why invest money in spinoffs? The Last Wish also won the David Gemmell Legend Award, which sounds fancy.

But of course, I would probably not be writing a Feek post unless something had greatly offended my delicate feminine sensibilities. In short, the book is sexist and I haz angries.


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The idiot’s guide to Puppygate

Finally, after weeks of hearing about this Puppy business, I decided it was probably time to inform myself. To the internet!

And, as with Gamergate, Puppygate has left me baffled. I think online politicking is clearly destined to go waaaaaay over my head.

Okay, let me try to put down what I think this furore is about.

There are these two literary organizations. For some bizarre reason, they are called Sad Puppies and Rabid Puppies. Though they have no clear affiliation to dogs of any kind.

Real puppies

Real puppies

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To be Strong or not to be Strong?

Journ reading post 4. I can’t quite remember how many I am supposed to do. I should probably check that.

Today I’m going to be looking at quite an old article written by Sarah Chorn. My internet meanderings led me to it and, while many of the points she makes have been expressed elsewhere, I figured it would be a good point of departure for this post.

Chorn makes the argument that the urban fantasy genre is saturated with the same kind of female characters. In her words: “rough past, jaded by men, tough as nails with tons of quips, gorgeous but doesn’t know it, etc”. They are generally featured on the cover of the novel; “scantily clad, tattooed woman brandishing weapons and/or magic”.

Very sexy. Credit Jim Hines

Very sexy. Credit to Jim Hines, the one on the right.

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