My final reading post. *wipes away a tear*

Let’s do something lighthearted; things have been getting excessively heavy, intellectual and downright rant-y in the posts up until now.

I’m really just going to have fun here. Switch up the format and potentially jeopardise my future writing career.

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Feek – Feminist Geek: Retribution Falls

Chris Wooding, I am disappointed.

I loved The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray. I was okay with Poison, though it was a bit very strange. (Where did that metatext even come from?) But Retribution Falls?

Don’t get me wrong; it was fun. I read it at speed and to the detriment of my academic career.  It was hard to put down, even though Gormenghast and The Silent Minaret were supposed to be on the agenda.

But I felt guilty while reading it. Guilty for enjoying the adventure at the cost of ignoring the gross sexism and racism in the text.

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Monsters under the bed

By Kerstin Hall
Holidays are coming up, but the work never ends. Guess that’s life.

Next semester, Ink is looking to focus more on the elements of editing, rewriting and approaching agents/publishers. After the holidays, our most keen and loyal members will have completed the Nano Wrimo: Campus Edition challenge. So, theoretically, all of them will have produced some kind of workable novel. Exciting stuff.

On a personal note, I will be interning at Random House Struik during the vacation. I’m really proud of myself for organizing that. The guy I have been in touch with is so nice; I think it will be an awesome and hopefully enlightening process. I’ll be there for three weeks. Wish me luck!

Onto the focus of today’s post.


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Exposition and demons

By Kerstin Hall

I’m running a meeting on plotting and exposition tomorrow evening. Which sounds about as exciting as a Statistics lecture, but is actually pretty cool. To me anyway. The Inklings might not be as easily pleased.

So plotting. In my opinion, it’s all about consistency. Let’s take Robinson Crusoe as an example. The book is structured as follows. Boring introduction, ACTION! PIRATES! exposition about plantation life, talking about traveling, traveling, SHIPWRECK! listing provisions, listing provisions, listing provisions (goes on for a very long time), surviving, thinking, thinking, thinking about god, thinking about food, collecting food….

And then, in the last couple of pages CANNIBALS AND ACTION!

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