Authorview: Celia S. Friedman

My illustration for Dreamseeker.

My illustration for Dreamseeker.

I got Celia Friedman.

For an Authorview.

Much excitement and fangirling ensued.

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Authorview: Cat Hellisen

My illustration for When the Sea is Rising Red. Bask in the bubbles.

My illustration for When the Sea is Rising Red.  Bask in the bubbles.

If there is one person who is underappreciated in the local literary scene, it’s Cat Hellisen. When the topic of African speculative fiction crops up, you’ll hear about Lauren Beukes (duh), Nnedi Okorafor (who is technically American), Sarah Lotz (plus her retinue of nom de plumes)… and that’s kind of all.

Hellisen is a strange case. Within SA, she’s no household name. But internationally, she is killing it.

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